To: All Interested Followers of True Source Honey

We're very excited and appreciative regarding the level of interest that many of you have expressed in True Source Honey. We wanted to send this short update of what has occurred with True Source in 2011 thus far, as well as some of the possible future objectives of the organization.


  • 1/11/11 – True Source Honey traceability program was launched at the 2011 North American Beekeeping Conference held in Galveston, TX. Audience members present consisted of participants representing every level of the honey supply chain. Presentations about the major details of the program were provided.
  • 2/16/11 – A True Source Honey Seminar was held in Chicago on February 16. Almost 60 honey industry individuals met to hear a more comprehensive presentation in more detail. Perhaps never before have there been so many key industry representatives gathered together in one room. They participated in earnest discussions related to various topics about the program. Some great suggestions were offered to the True Source board, which are being considered for possible future implementation.
  • 3/1/11 – True Source Certified is now a reality with applications being received by the third party auditor from, beekeepers, packers, importers and exporters requesting audits or registration.


  • Continued focus upon expanding and training additional international auditors in India and Vietnam.
  • Continue recruiting U.S. honey packers and other supply chain members to register for True Source Certified Audits.
  • Several U.S. honey packers have already registered for audits


  • Continue expanding additional auditor training into other countries.
  • Begin educating customers and consumers about True Source Certified and encourage them to begin looking for the True Source Certified logo on food products beginning in the 3rd quarter of this year.

We will continue sending out future updates periodically. Thank you very much for supporting ethically sourced honey. A healthy U.S. honey and beekeeping industry is essential to the stability of our U.S. food supply as 1/3 of every bite of food we eat is directly or indirectly dependent upon bee pollination.


True Source Honey, LLC is an effort by a number of honey companies and importers to call attention to the problem of illegally sourced honey; to encourage action to protect consumers and customers from these practices; and to highlight and support legal, transparent and ethical sourcing. The initiative seeks to help maintain the reputation of honey as a high-quality, highly valued food and further sustain the U.S. honey sector. For more information, visit and follow us on Twitter at and Facebook.

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