Look for the True Source Certified® Logo
Unfortunately, not all honey is sourced in a transparent manner and tested for authenticity. This threatens the U.S. honey industry by undercutting fair market prices and damaging honey's reputation for quality and safety. The True Source Certified honey program was developed by concerned industry members to promote traceable and authentic honey in the marketplace. Be sure the honey you and your family enjoy is True Source Certified.

Whether you're a person who loves honey, or a company that helps supply honey or makes products using honey, you can help make sure honey is True Source Certified®. Be a part of the True Source Certified program, or require it when you purchase honey. Click below to learn more.

True Source Certification

Made With True Source Honey
Look for products with the Made with True Source Certified® Honey logo. These makers of food and personal care products have shown their commitment to transparent sourcing and authenticity testing for the honey they are using in their products.