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Not all honey is ethically and transparently sourced. Most imported and domestic honey is from high-quality, legal sources. But some honey brokers and importers illegally circumvent tariffs and quality controls, selling Chinese honey to U.S. companies that is of questionable quality. This threatens the U.S. honey industry by undercutting fair market prices and damaging honey's reputation for quality and safety. Be sure the honey you and your family enjoy is True Source Certified! Read More...

True Source Honey Pledge

We pledge to adhere to the standards of True Source Certification. We pledge to protect our customers and consumers, as well as the global reputation of honey products, by ensuring to our utmost ability that honey is ethically sourced in a transparent and traceable manner from known beekeepers and brokers; that honey moves through the supply chain in full accordance with U.S. law and without circumvention of trade duties; that it carries truthful labeling as to its source, has been tested to ensure quality, and has been handled in a safe and secure manner from hive to table.

Honest Fast Facts

You can make a difference! Whether you're a consumer who loves honey, or a company that helps supply honey or makes products using honey, you can help make sure honey is source-certified. Be a part of the True Source Certified program, or require it when you purchase honey. Click below to learn how!

Recent Updates

Look for Products with The Made With True Source Certified HoneyTM Logo. These makers of food and personal care products have shown their commitment to responsible honey sourcing.
  • 09/01/2018 – True Source Honey Approves Products to Use Made With True Source HoneyTM Logo. Products from Honey Stinger, Unilever and Droga Chocolate are the first to earn the Made With True Source HoneyTM certification.
  • 09/14/2016 MiamiTo Bee or Not To Bee: CBP and Partners Seized 132 Drums of Honey – On Aug. 12, Import Specialists from the Miami based Agriculture & Prepared Products Center of Excellence & Expertise (APP Center) in collaboration with U.S. Customs & Border Protection (CBP) Officers and Special Agents with U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement's (ICE) Homeland Security Investigations (HSI) in Chicago, seized around 42 tons of illegally imported Chinese honey. This represents the third such significant seizure of honey in four months.
  • New "Made With" Claim for Food and Beverage Manufacturers: True Source is excited to announce that food and beverage manufacturers can now apply to use a "Made with True Source Certified Honey" claim on their honey-containing products. Companies can now verify the use of certified honey as an ingredient in leading brands and products with an attractive product claim. Key benefits include product integrity, full transparency in the supply chain, and ensuring legality and country of origin. Read a new informational flyer on the program.
  • True Source Honey Issues Alert on Honey Shipped from Thailand and Taiwan – True Source has issued an alert concerning honey labeled as coming from Thailand or Taiwan. Honey importers, retailers and manufacturers are advised to proceed carefully and consider additional safeguards if they are buying low-priced honey labeled as produced in Thailand or Taiwan, such as ensuring that honey imports are certified by an independent third party.
  • U.S. Honey Certification Program Joins Sen. Bob Casey in Calling for Honey Standard of Identity: The True Source Honey Certification Program commends Sen. Bob Casey (D-PA) for his action last week calling on the FDA to establish a federal standard of identity for honey, and echoes his plea for such a standard to be executed quickly to help protect U.S. beekeepers and honey producers from the continuing threat of illicitly sourced honey and false honey products.
  • True Source Applauds U.S. Investigators for Seizing Illegal Chinese Honey in Houston: True Source applauds special agents with U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement´┐Żs Homeland Security Investigations, and officers with U.S. Customs and Border Protection, for the seizure of significant amounts of illegal honey in Houston in an ongoing effort to crack down on illegal trade in Chinese honey. See the True Source release to read more.
  • True Source Issues Alert on Honey Shipped from Turkey – In keeping with its mission to protect consumers, retailers and manufacturers from illegally sourced honey, True Source has issued an alert concerning honey labeled as coming from Turkey, and advises honey importers, retailers and manufacturers to proceed carefully and consider additional safeguards if they are buying low-priced honey labeled as produced in Turkey.
  • Beekeepers Encouraged to Register! – Beekeepers can help fight the threat of illegally shipped honey from China, and also defend and support the honey industry, by registering their operations today with the True Source Certified Program. Almost 200 beekeeping operations have already registered with the program, and a new on-line registration system makes it even easier for beekeepers to participate.
  • Check Your Honey with a New Look-Up Tool – A new search function on the True Source Honey website allows U.S. shoppers to be sure that they're not mistakenly buying honey that has been illegally shipped from China.
  • New True Source Video examines the issue of illegally sourced honey and how the True Source program is protecting the reputation and safety of honey for U.S. consumers.